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Reputation – Experience & Expertise
Operating in the Certification Industry for 30 years, ISC has a management team with many years’ of combined experience – we deliver insight, integrity and knowledge in auditing, certification and training. ISC’ G’s auditors are well recognised in the industry and frequently work with standards’ bodies to inform and test the development of new standards.
Global & National Recognition
ISC aligns with the best certification and training bodies with many bodies signatories to International Multi-lateral / Mutual Recognition Arrangement giving you global recognition with any ISC Certertification and Training. Our affiliations include:

  • JAZ-ANZ – Joint Accreditation Scheme of Australia & New Zealand
  • AMPG International
  • Exemplar Global – (Formally RAB-QSA)
  • IEMA – Institute of Environmental Management & Assessment
  • IAF – Institute of Environmental Management & Assessment IAF
  • NABCB – National Accreditation Board for Certification Bodies – India
  • NABET – National Accreditation Board for Education and Training – India
Customer Support – Positive And Professional
ISC brings a wealth of technical expertise, professionalism and a high degree of customer service to client relationships. We support our clients and accentuate the positives throughout the audit process from first point of contact with our office right through to certification.

Flexibility – Pragmatic & Tailored
ISC’s independence enables a tailored approach providing flexibility whether it be a large multi-national company with many sites or a small, single-site family-owned business.
ISC is confident its clients will be satisfied with our services so we don’t commit clients to locked-in or fixed term contracts.

Global Reach
With 22 offices across Asia, North America, Europe, Middle East and Africa, ISC services most geographic markets and are qualified to certify to an array of National and International standards.
ISC has strong local language capabilities and we are able to deliver in the language that best suits the client.

ISC’s Audit Methodology
The following process map details ISC’s audit methodology that all auditors adhere to during the auditing process to ensure that:

  • ISC thoroughly understand your: Business Objectives, Challenges, Opportunities and Priorities
  • The audit remains aligned with your: Resources, Scheduling, Life-Cycles, Mandatories and Deadlines and Delivery

7 Steps To Certification

1. Request An Estimate
Request an estimate online by providing us with with details around your business – upon submiting this form, we can then provide you with an accurate estimate shortly after you submit your inquiry.
Click here to request an estimate
Note: For some programs where you have requested an estimate, we require information further to what was provided on the Request An Estimate form before ISC can provide you an accurate estimate.
Those programs that require information in addition to that provided in the Request an Estimate include:

  • Environmental Management Systems
  • Information Technology Service Management Systems
  • Occupational Health and Safety

Following Your Document Submission:
1. ISC will acknowledge within 3 x business days, the receipt and accuracy of the:
a) Request An Estimate form
b) Additional Estimate Information
2. We will email you with an accurate estimate to your nominated email address
3. An ISC representative will contact you within 5 days to answer any of your questions

2. Our Response
We will respond with:
– Business Assessment
– Delivery Schedule
– Gap Assessment
– Detailed Estimate
A detailed estimate based on your organisation’s specific requirements will be sent to you.

3. Assign A Project Team
We will assign you an auditor / audit team highly experienced in your industry, as well as your chosen standard.
An audit schedule will be put in place.

4. Gap Assesment – Optional
You may choose to have a non certification assessment conducted, to determine if your management system is ready for certification.
This will identify any areas that require improvement before certification can be achieved.

5. Initial Audit
The initial audit is conducted in two stages.
Initial Stage 1 – Documentation Review
Initial Stage 2 – Full certification audit
A detailed audit report is sent to you after each stage analysing your organisation’s compliance with your chosen standard, offering our experienced auditor’s observations and identifying opportunities for improvement of your management system.

6. Certification Issued
A Certificate of Registration is awarded, clearly defining the scope of your certification.

7. Ongoing Compliance
The audit team will carry out regular ongoing surveillance audits to ensure the management system is being effectively maintained, and to support the continual improvement of your systems

Auditor Matching:
ISC has recruited a wealth of lead auditors to the highest standards, enabling us to match auditors with defined regional and industry experience to your specific industry and business objectives. ISC’s auditors hold extensive experience in the rigors of global compliance; yet offer a pragmatic understanding to real world constraints.
ISC auditors fulfill a broader mandate that reaches beyond compliance activities, to include sharing business insights with stakeholders and serving as a strategic advisor within your organisation.
Multiple Site Auditing:
Where your business requires certification across a number of remote sites, ISC applies an extensive company-wide approach in:

  • Analysing holistic organisational data across multiple sites to make collective organisational decisions.
  • Critiquing the exchange of information between each site
  • Identifying and implement best practices between sites to drive site-to-site consistency.

The Value To Multiple Site Auditing

  • Many multi-site certifications are eligible for site-sampling
  • Site-sampling ensure that not all of the sites are required to be visited each audit, but each will remain eligible for selection to any given audit = reducing your audit time and costs.
  • You headquarters can then be audited during the Certification Audit once a year thereafter
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