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Training Course Overview

This Quality Management Systems QMS – Lead Auditor Training provides you with the skills to plan, conduct, lead and report audits for first party (within your own organisation), second party (suppliers) and with third party organisations.

It will provide you with the knowledge to review the effectiveness of the processes, and to identify opportunities for improvements for Quality Management System.  It also assists you in understanding the interpersonal and communication skills required for Auditors and Audit Team Leaders. The course involves a high level of participant involvement through discussions, role plays and case studies that are used to reinforce the concepts and to provide practice in applying them.

Key Course Outcomes

  • Understand the application of Quality Management Principles in the context of ISO 9001:2015 Standard
  • Relate the quality management system to the organisational products, including services, and operational processes
  • Identify processes within your own organisation that must be controlled or improved
  • Understand the application of the principles, procedures and methods of auditing
  • Understand the conduct of an effective audit in the context of the auditee’s organizational situation
  • Understand the application of the regulations, and other considerations that are relevant to the audit, the management system, and the conduct of the audit.
  • Understand and practice personal behaviours necessary for the effective and efficient conduct of a management system audit
  • Establish and plan the activities of an audit team
  • Communicate effectively with the auditee and audit client
  • Organize and direct audit team members
  • Prepare and complete the audit report
  • Use remote auditing methods

Multiple Booking Discounts:

  • 2 x Courses/People Booked = 10% Discount
  • Discount valid for 6 x months = Public & In-House Training

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