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Process Maturity Assessment and Certification


Process maturity certification is a unique program developed by globally recommended business experts. The team behind this program has been coaching multinational corporations in multiple industry sectors on business excellence for decades. The objective of this program is to evaluate the maturity of existing core processes of a business with respect to capability to contribute towards profitability and sustained success.

Instead of considering 100 percent of organisational processes, this program considers core processes that relate to business and customer impact. After a thorough assessment, processes are rated on a scale of one to five by the expert assessor based on carefully selected business criteria. While levels up to 2 are preparatory in nature, level 3 is the first level considered for certification. Processes in the same organization may be certified to different levels of maturity. This program does not offer organisational certification. It is possible for an organisation to select one group of related core processes at one time and another group at another time for assessment. It is required that a set of processes that impact one another be considered in a single assessment cycle so that a comprehensive evaluation can take place. If a set of interrelated processes are evaluated and found to be performing at levels 3, 4 and 5 individually, the process group shall be certified as level 3.

  • A level 3 certified process is quite standardized and meets expectations reasonably well;
  • A level 4 certified process has controls even on sub processes (inputs) and is more reliable and predictable;
  • A level 5 certified process has reasonable flexibility and creativity built in so that it rapidly responds to changes and opportunities.
Scope, Knowledge Base, and Coverage:

This program is available for all industry processes except software development processes. The program considers lean and six sigma bodies of knowledge for assessment. While the assessors are carefully selected based on Lean Six Sigma expertise in the specific domain, the auditees (process owners) need to have fundamental Lean Six Sigma competence. A pre-assessment can provide gap areas relevant for achievement of certification to specific levels.


The program can fulfill following objectives for an organisation –

  1. Understand current performance level of key processes with respect to preparedness for business and customer expectations.
  2. Evaluate gaps and set objectives to realize next set of performance levels.
  3. Create internal assessment mechanisms in line with best practices.
  4. Appreciate matured processes and encourage others to enhance their maturity level.
  5. Educate employees on business excellence practices relevant to specific processes.
  6. Apply lean six sigma concepts and techniques through expert reviews in a manner that is most suitable to selected processes.
Program Manager:

The program manager for ISC’s Process Maturity Assessment program is Vishwadeep Khatri. He can be reached through his profile at

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