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Skills Management Courses – Your Path to Professional Development

ISC have launched a series of short Professional Development courses that bridge the gap between Management Systems and best business practice.

ISC works with a number of leading trainers and facilitators – building unique programs that our clients have identified as areas of interest.
Skill Development Courses run from 3 hours to 1 Day and the course program is designed to be practical, applicable and transferable to any business.


Skills Development Course: Train The Trainer
3 Hours

Good training doesn’t just happen – it requires good knowledge as well as lots of preparation and more important, a truly skilled trainer to make an exciting program where participants learn through discovery and hand on experience.

Whether training is a big part of your role, or just a small aspect of your job, our one-day workshop, Train The Trainer will help you design and deliver effective training programmes. You will gain confidence in how to present information effectively with variety and flair and acquire the skills to deal with the dynamics of group learning.


Skills Development Course: Contemporary Leadership & Change Management
3 Hours

Leadership is a mix of emotional awareness, self management and social skills which develop successful relationships in both personal and professional lives. These attributes, along with business strategy, business acumen and management will enable leaders to rise. The tools, insight and knowledge provided during this course, will assist emerging business leaders and a refresh existing leaders.

The principles are simple, practical and are designed to have meaningful “take home” message that are applicable both in the workplace and in your personal lives.


Skills Development Course: Principles of Relationship Building
3 Hours

Our ability to build sustainable relationships is a critical factor in our success to business. These relationships can be internal and external, and are equally important in managing our personal and professional lives.

The fundamental of relationship building lies with each and every one of us – it is in our “HEART”. The principles offered in this course provides an opportunity for you to reflect on your own style, appreciate and understand others, and provide you with strategies to resolve the conflict that you will no doubt experience.


  • To provide the audience with an understanding of the “People Factor” and the “People Art”
  • Provide the components and the Building Blocks


Skills Development Course: Risk Assessment – ISO 31000
3 Hours

The Risk Management System delivered through ISO 31000 training helps to minimise losses, mitigate risks and safeguard your business. While most Organisations have processes in place which help to manage risk, this standard delivers international best practice techniques that will improve decision making processes and management techniques.

Key Outcomes:

  • Improve operational efficiency, governance and stakeholder confidence, while minimising losses
  • Boost health and safety performance, establish a strong foundation for decision making and encourage proactive management in all areas
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