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Ship Recycling Management System Scheme Certification – ISO 30000:2009

“Applies to the entire ship recycling process – ship recycling to storage and processing of materials and wastes from the ship and recycling stream management”
Overview of Scheme

Ship Recycling Management System Scheme QMS – ISO 30000:2009 is the internationally recognised standard for the Quality Management of Ship Recycling Management Systems (SRMS) scheme.

This supports accredited certification across the entire ship recycling process including:

  • Acceptance of the ship by the ship recycling facility
  • End-to-end recycling stages
  • Storage and processing of materials and wastes from the ship
  • Related waste stream and recycling stream management
  • Continual improvement of safety and environmental outcomes

As a QMS Certrification, Ship Recycling Management System Scheme QMS – ISO 30000:2009 is designed and intended for universal application to any ship recycling product or service. Through ISO 30000:2009 certification, ISC helps global organisations to drive measurable improvements through cost savings and consistent business processes.

The key principles of ISO 30000:2009 include:

  • Health, Safety, Welfare and Environmental performance
  • Setting and meeting targets
  • Plan, do, check, act methodology
Benefits To Your Business
1. How You Deliver Your Services

  • Supply Chain Requirement: Companies may require ISO 30000:2009 certification when applying or bidding on national or global contracts. As ISO 30000:2009 is a globally accepted standard of quality, certification is a mandatory requirement to do cross border business.
  • Sales and Marketing: ISO 30000:2009 certification is crucial for a company in aligning and maximising marketing and sales strategies with a focus on quality and enhanced brand equity.

2. How Well You Deliver Your Services

  • Customer Satisfaction: Customers have an expectation of commitment to quality. Your ISO 30000:2009 certification plays a significant role in building and asserting customer trust. Satisfied customers will hold your brand in high-regard – actively promoting it through personal and business networks, social media channels, consumer generated content and reviews.

3. How You Can Improve Your Service

  • Corporate Governance: ISO 30000:2009 certification improves corporate governance systems of companies. When remote subsidiaries are ISO 9001 certified, it becomes easier for companies or board of directors to control the company with success, thus maintaining the global standard.
  • The global standard for Business Efficiency, Quality and Assurance. Currently more than one million business organisations hold ISO 9001 certification – obtaining ISO 30000:2009 certification increases the reputation and worldwide recognition of your company.
  • Cost Saving: Your ISO 30000:2009 certification will deliver direct and indirect cost and efficiency savings. When quality is certified, this lowers the rate of mistakes. Conversely, a low quality leads to customer dissatisfaction, business errors results in legal fines and financial costs along with effectiveness loss resulting in lost customers. Quality in management process reduces wastage – ensuring efficiency – reducing managerial and operational cost of a company.
Who Recognises This Certification
ISC is accredited by JAZ-ANZ. All certification awarded by ISC is recognised internationally by signatories of the International Accreditation Forum (IAF) Multi-Lateral Agreement.
For more information on all Global and Local Recognition.
Benefits to ISC Certification
  • Access to global research and insight analysis to help your businesses grow
  • A distinct understanding of your business, how your business best profits through ISO 30000:2009 certification
  • A process driven methodology to certification
  • Feedback and value addition from our experienced auditors and staff
  • Approachable and flexible team
  • Gap Assessment
  • Access to professionals with decades of experience across a wide array of industries – that understand your business and how ISO 30000:2009 can help you achieve competitive advantage
  • 20+ years of operations & 10,000+ global certifcations
  • Access to the best global auditors – ISC invests in recruiting and developing the best auditors including incentivising, training and satisfaction scoring to enhance our processes, approach and focus
  • JAS-ANZ Accredited and recognised certification audits
  • Experience and expertise
  • Process driven and outcome based
  • Customer focused
  • Feedback to auditors and staff implemented
  • Approachable and flexible team –‘you call, we answer’
  • National /international reach
  • Performance minded
  • Gap assessment
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