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Business Continuity Management Systems – BCMS – ISO 22301:2012

“ISC has helped global businesses to manage business processes – mitigating risk and providing assurance in the face of unpredictability”

Overview of Scheme:

Business Continuity Management Systems – BCMS – ISO 22301:2012 is a management systems standard for Business Continuity which is used by organisations of all sizes and types – demonstrating to legislators, regulators, customers and the community that they are adhering to good practice in BCM.

Business Continuity Management Systems – BCMS protects against and reduces the likelihood of disruptive incidents and helps an organisation to prepare for and recover from such incidents and empowers Business Continuity Managers to demonstrate to senior management, that a recognised standard has been achieved.

Obtaining ISO 22301 certification with ISC can help you to understand and prioritize the threats to your business. The international standard for Business Continuity helps business across key organisational pillars including:

Emergency Management
Contingency Planning
Disaster Recovery Planning
Risk Management and Sustainability
Natural and man made incidents may prevent or reduce the capability of an organisation to achieve its business objectives. A Business Continuity Management System – BCMS instills a pro-active approach to incidence response and resilience in business strategy.

Business Continuity Management System Certification Offered By ISC:

ISO 22301
ISO 22301 is Business Continuity Management (BCM), the international standard in protecting business from key areas of risk and distruption including:

IT Outage
Natural Disasters and Fire
Staff Productivity Decline and other unforeseen risks.
The ISO 22301 management system lets you identify threats relevant to your business and the critical business functions they could impact. It allows you to put plans in place ahead of time to ensure your business remains always active.

Key principles of ISC Business Continuity Certification include:

A Continuing Customer Focus
Impact Analysis
Provision Of Resources
Exercising And Testing
Protection and Mitigation
Incident Response Structure

Benefits To Your Business
Advantages of having a BCMS are:

Business Resilience and reduced impact – ensure that business recovers to its normal state as soon as possible and with a proven method.
Customer Confidence – Provide confidence to your customers that you have effective processes for ‘business as usual‘
Compliance with regulatory requirements for business continuity
Cost savings – you may negotiate a reduction in premium for business loss insurance.

Who Recognises This Certification

The Business Continuity Management Systems standard is one of ISO’s family of societal security standards. Business continuity contributes to a more resilient society with impacts on not only the individaul organisation but on it’s immediate operating environment and the wider community.

Benefits to ISC Certification
The Business Continuity Management Systems Certification program offered is;

Process driven and risk based
Delivered by professionals with field experience
Customer focused
Independent verification of your organisation’s BCMS by our qualified and experienced auditors, will not only ensure greater resilience within your business but will also assure your clients and consumers that your services will be available even if you encounter a serious incident or disaster.


20+ years of experience & 10,000+ global certifcations
Access to the best global auditors – ISC invests in recruiting and developing the best auditors including incentivising, training and satisfaction scoring to enhance our processes, approach and focus
Experience and Expertise
Process Driven and Outcome Based
Customer Focused
Feedback To Auditors and Staff Implemented
Approachable and flexible team –‘you call, we answer’
National /International Reach
Performance Minded
Gap Assessment

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