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We are pleased to inform you that ISC Global (ISCG) has changed its name to Certification Partner Global (CPG).

If you are familiar with the ISC Global website you will know that our primary focus is to be

“Your Partner in Certification”

We believe our name change will help us to focus even more on delivering the best service possible.

Our aim is to help improve your business through value adding audits, and

Help you to obtain recognition of those improvements through the resultant Certification

The change of name, and the driving force behind it, gives us an opportunity to update our image and at the same time, improve our service in a number of ways. For example:-

With the increasing use of Certification, many of our clients are now certified, not just to one Program Standard but, to a multiplicity of Program Standards and for each of these Program Standards we have had a separate Certification Mark for their use.

Feedback from you our clients has highlighted the difficulty of using multiple Certification Marks on their Company letterheads and the problems this causes for them.

We have appreciated these difficulties and as a result we have worked hard to simplify their use.

We now have just one Certification Mark for ALL Programs. It then becomes a much simpler matter to use this one CPG Certification Mark and list the Standards covered immediately adjacent to the Certification Mark.

If you are already using the various ISCG Marks on letterheads etc this can continue until there is a convenient time to change to the CPG Mark, such as when re printing of Letterheads etc

Another improvement we have brought about is the use of a QR Code on our Certificates. Use of this technology enables you, or any of your customers, to verify the currency and validity of the certificate in real time.

A Smart phone with a QR Scanner Application installed can be used to scan the certificate QR Code and be immediately connected to our database where is will receive a full report on the certificate confirming the details and whether it is still valid.

Use of this technology places CPG as a Market Leader in providing Certification Security.

Contractual obligations, employees and activities will continue without change and as your Certification partner, our promise and obligations remain the same.

All your certificates still under the name of International Standards Certifications Global FZ LLC are, and will remain valid and listed on the CPG website and JAS-ANZ website.

At present the CPG website is still under development and the client certifications are not yet listed. For further information please use below link

All planned activities are and will be performed as per current schedules; we will continue to interact with your current Management personnel; and our quality will continue to be improved.  You will continue to be served by your CPG (formerly ISCG) auditor(s) who know your business the best.

JAS-ANZ has acknowledged this change of name and has updated their website accordingly.

CPG will be listed on the JAS-ANZ website and, to ensure transparency, they will also include the wording ‘formerly known as ISC Global’.

We are also following this requirement for transparency and have included similar wording on our CPG certificates to say ‘formerly known as ISC Global’.

Would you please advise relevant personnel, including your Accounts Department, of this change.

We look forward to a continued cooperation with you, and all the possibilities we can offer you in the future. If you have questions, please call or email your contact person in CPG (formerly ISCG). We are here and ready to answer any question you may have.

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