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ISC Promotions

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Benefits to ISC Safety Certification
Safety Certification Benefits:
• Increase your sales and improve your financial performance
• Reduce your risk and Product liability
• Market/Export your certified product to any part of the globe
• Rights to use our prestigious product mark
• Send a clear signal to the world about the quality of your product
ISC Experience
Over the last 25 years of Safety Certification, ISC has built a team of specialist auditors qualified to understand the unique requirements of Pressure Testing Stations.

After completing more than 20,000+ global audits to-date, ISC is in a unique position to understand your business including:

Compliance: Contractual and regulatory requirements. Systems, procedures and records to support a due diligence defence – reducing the consequences of non-compliance;
Independent Review: Compliance by specialists, reducing the likelihood of noncompliance;
Assurance: For your clients and consumers.

The ISC Standard

ISC has developed a unique model of Auditor Matching: Qualifying your exact business requirements before assigning an auditor with the right background and blend of experience. And with The ISC Standard, you are assigned the same auditor to subsequent audits or a senior auditor with comparable experience – helping your business benefit from a consistent service and expert advice.

You Are in Good Company

And with JAS-ANZ accreditation and an official supplier to Work Cover New South Wales, you are confident that all of our work is delivered to global standards.

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